Banking and Finance

By globalization, financial sector became one of the leading sectors in our country and in the world, with its competitive, dynamic and efficient structure. The need for skilled people is increasing continuosly in this developing and growing sector. The Department of Banking and Finance aims to educate  well-equipped  future specialists and executives with analytical thinking, who can cope well with the sudden and unexpected developments of the sector. In this context, students are presented with both theory and practical applications together,  to improve their learning in  the department.  With the support of  its strong academic staff, the Banking and Finance Department prepares the   future leaders of the financial sector,  who are  visionary,  innovative with analytical skills and with the knowledge of the current relevant software.

The main priority of our deparment is to present theoretical and applied education together. To emphasize the importance of applied nature of the program, some of our part-time instructors are selected from the managers of  leading financial institutions of the sector. Moreover, with the availability of real-time financial and economic data through data servers, the students learn to gather, analyze and interpret information flow.  In “Portfolio Game” course, students form teams to virtually buy and sell assets in the financial markets to develop their portfolio management skills. Trade Master program is taught in this course and students use that knowledge to participate in the portfolio investment competitions in Turkey. To reach the Department’s goal of educating future managers equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge, students visit financial corporations and institutions and also participate in career information and development meetings.


Students have access to the financial laboratory which offers a wide range of financial and economic data.  Integrated financial analysis functions and infrastructure enables students to get experience with the transactions in financial markets. There are also computer laboratories where various professional software programs are available to improve students’ knowledge and competence.

Job Opportunities

Our graduates can be employed in various departments  of private and public banks, in insurance and investment companies,  intermediary institutions,  public companies such as Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, in finance departments of all firms in positions like, assistant specialist, assistant inspector, finance expert, portfolio manager etc.